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O Bon Living Story

O Bon Living stands for “Overall Good Living”, Good deriving from the French word Bon. With the good living in mind, we have built our foundations on trust, quality, and reliability. O Bon Living was created as a solution for the crowded and unreliable market of cannabinoids. The large number of consumers claiming the beneficial effects of cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN has caught our attention.

Your wellness and wellbeing are important to our team, however and to our amazement, when reviewing and researching the existing CBD products and manufacturers on the market, we realized there is a big gap in quality, reliability, and often radical claims regarding these products. So, we decided to develop products that would allow consumers to benefit of any wellness and wellbeing that cannabinoids bring to them, while ensuring high quality products.

O Bon Living Dissolvable CBD Strips
O Bon Living Dissolvable CBD Strips

How To Use Our Product

O Bon Living products have been designed to give you an outstanding user experience. In this video we demonstrate to you how to undergo this great experience.

Our strips will deliver the cannabinoid directly to your bloodstream through the buccal membrane in your cheek. This approach will allow you to receive more cannabinoids (higher bioavailability) at shorter times, within minutes after taking it.

We value and respect our customers demand for quality and reliability, and we feel our products are the result of this mentality.

Enjoy your experience and we wish you an O Bon Living.

Carry Our Products

Are you interested in carrying O Bon Living in your store? Please contact us via the Retailer Signup Form and it will be our pleasure to discuss the details with you.

Special conditions and support are available to partners that distribute O Bon Living products.