Bioavailability Concept

Bioavailability is one of the most important words in the cannabinoid industry and we will try to help you understanding it through this short video.

The simplest explanation of bioavailability is the percentage of active ingredient you consume that reaches your bloodstream. For example, if you take a CBD gummy that has a dose of 10mg, and 2mg ends up in your blood, we can say that specific gummy has 20% bioavailability. 100% bioavailability is the ultimate goal of any cannabinoid or pharmaceutical company, but it is almost impossible to achieve and that is why the design of the product is critical to increase this number as much as possible.

You may wonder why not all 10mg will arrive to my bloodstream? So, despite the concept being simple, the details behind it are complex. In short, there are several factors that influences the bioavailability of a product, supplement or nutraceutical, but the main ones are its chemical composition, the method of taking it (e.g. buccal absorption, ingestion, inhalation, skin absorption, etc.) and the size of the active ingredient molecule. Therefore, we advise taking bioavailability into consideration when selecting your products.

The next videos in our library will further explain how O Bon Living used this concept to develop our strip technology and how we are able to achieve 80-90% of bioavailability with our strips…