How to achieve your best experience

We will walk you through a demonstration of how to consume our orally dissolvable strip. We feel this is one of the most accurate and effective ways to deliver cannabinoids to the human body.

First. remove the strip from our peel-open pouch and separate it from the paper. Please note our strips are lightly colored and flavored.

Place the strip inside your mouth, against your cheek. Avoid folding while placing it in your mouth.

Once it is placed against your cheek the strip will start to dissolve slowly. This will take approximately 2 minutes.

As it dissolves, the active ingredient, which can be CBD, CBN or other non-regulated cannabinoids, is released and reaches a thin membrane in your cheek, called the buccal membrane. It can now cross this membrane and reach the vast vascular network that is within your cheek and buccal cavity. During this period try not to rub the strip with your tongue, keeping it steady will improve your experience.

Once the active ingredient reaches the blood vessels in your cheek, it is transported to the brain, heart, lungs, and finally it spreads throughout the body…

The O Bon Living strip is designed to introduce the active ingredient more directly into the bloodstream when compared to conventional methods. This increases the bioavailability and allows you to experience the effects faster and more efficiently, in a matter of minutes. Check out our video library to learn more about our bioavailability, quality, and differentiators to see how O Bon Living can give you an amazing experience.