Feel the potency of innovation

Trust, quality, and reliability is what O Bon Living embodies and wants to deliver to you. To achieve this, we will explain to you how our product works and why we believe we have developed the most innovative strip on the market that will change your perception of using cannabinoids such CBD, CBN, and others.

In our previous videos, we have discussed the concept of bioavailability and the main differences between delivery methods used in the cannabinoid industry. Check those out before you continue with this video.

Our experienced team used these concepts to develop a strip that has an impressive bioavailability and reduces the downside of other methods. With this knowledge we decided to create a strip that allows the cannabinoid or active ingredient to cross the buccal membrane in your cheek. This gives us two benefits, first it allows the active ingredient to be introduced to the blood stream faster and more accurately, in a matter of minutes; second this method is more socially friendly, less intrusive and on-the-go.

Now you may wonder how we did it!

We initially had to reduce the size of the crystals from the active ingredient from its original size by approximately 30,000 times, for comparison it is approximately 15,000 times smaller than the size of a human hair. That is needed to guarantee that the active ingredient can cross the membrane in your cheek.

Once the size of the active ingredient was reduced, we used a manufacturing technique that is commonly used for medical devices to produce our strips. This technique is what allows O Bon Living to precisely control the dose of our products.

We went to great lengths to make a product that would allow you to precisely control your dose usage as well as significantly increase the amount of active ingredient in your blood.

Our product only uses food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients plus the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoid isolate, and it goes through rigorous testing, both internally and externally, to guarantee we deliver you only the best product. These tests ensure that over 95% of our products have the stated dosage plus or minus 10%, which is an impressive accuracy when compared to our competitors.

In the effort to keep the transparency of our products as high as possible, you can verify the certificate of analysis of your product by checking our website and matching the Lot number that is embossed on every single pouch. In the certificate of analysis, you will find out not only the potency of the Lot you are consuming but also tests for pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvent.

Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information to gain your trust in our products. We have created them to provide you with the best experience possible.