Cannabinoid claims and effects

Our honesty, trust and reliability claim’s so far will be further enforced with this brief video.

We want to present with you our decision of not making any medical claim for our products.

Medical claims such as pain and anxiety relief, COVID-19 protection, anti-inflammatory effects, etc., are all illegal to make. Those claims can only be used by medicines that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To date, there is only one FDA-approved medicine that has CBD on its formula, EPIDIOLEX. The FDA is trying to control irregular claims and regularly issues warning letters to CBD sellers and manufacturers.

You may ask why you should buy our products if we do not state it will cure or alleviate your problems. Our answer is simple, if the cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN or others is beneficial for you and you feel better using it, then we have the most effective, accurate and fast absorbing product on the market.

Several studies are being carried out worldwide to address the medical benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids but until they go through the FDA process for medicine approval they can not materialize into claims for our products.

We hope these videos have helped you to better judge how, which and if to use cannabinoid products. Moreover, hopefully we have gained your trust to become our newest customer.