Cannabinoid products on the market

In this video we will focus on the products most commonly consumed, such as Vapes, Gummies, Softgels, Strips and Tinctures. To simplify the discussion, we will divide the products into 3 categories based on their method of absorption, such as directly into the bloodstream, through the digestive system or a mix of both. This is important for you to understand because each category has a different bioavailability. As we previously discussed, high bioavailability means a more efficient product and a better cost-benefit for you.

Products that deliver the cannabinoid directly to the bloodstream are certain strips and vapes. This is the category that has the highest bioavailability among the products on the market. We want to emphasize certain strips because only a few of them have the technology necessary to deliver the cannabinoid to your bloodstream. O Bon Living has this technology, as you may have seen in the Our Product Innovation and Quality video.

Gummies are the most used product where absorption happens in your digestive system. As with any ingestible product, they go through your stomach, liver, intestine and other organs prior to entering your bloodstream. Bioavailability is significantly reduced with this approach and only a small fraction of the cannabinoid will enter your bloodstream.

The last category includes most of the strips and tinctures on the market. These products share the two already discussed absorption methods. Bioavailability of this category is highly dependent on the product and can range from low to high.

Every product type has its pros and cons. Here are some for your consideration.


  • High bioavailability.
  • Fast to reach your bloodstream.
  • Difficult to control dosage.
  • Not always socially friendly.
  • Several studies show potential harm to the lungs.


  • Good control of dosage.
  • Fast to reach your bloodstream if the correct technology is used.
  • Socially friendly.
  • Difficult to identify which products use the best technology for bioavailability.

Gummies and Softgels:

  • Socially friendly.
  • Average control of dosage.
  • Low bioavailability.
  • Slow to reach your bloodstream.


  • Mid to high bioavailability.
  • Difficult to control dosage.
  • Not always socially friendly.